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About Us

In chic boutique style, Verdun Park Wines specialise in producing a small quantity of premium, elegant, cool climate Adelaide Hills wine each vintage. Taste the commitment in our small and exclusive parcels of Adelaide Hills Sparkling, Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé and Shiraz. Elegance in a glass.

Verdun Park Wines is a family owned Adelaide Hills wine producer. The team of four, Sandy & Bob Voumard and Danielle & Shaun McBeath thrive on producing serious quality wine and in true boutique style, are hands on with all aspects of the business.

Sandy and Bob bring education and financial experience to the business with both Shaun and Danielle bringing wine industry experience, having worked for small wine companies to large global wine corporates. Shaun is also a Viticulturist at one of Australia’s largest wine producers. In true boutique style we produce a low number of high quality Adelaide Hills wines each vintage with our maximum being 500 cases per year.

Lyla, Albert Arthur, Ruby and Amelia are special members of our family who have been honoured with a wine in our portfolio being named after them. ‘Lyla’ Sauvignon Blanc is named in honour of Bob’s mother, Lyla Voumard. ‘Albert Arthur’ Shiraz is named in honour of Bob’s father Albert Arthur Byrne Voumard. ‘Ruby’ Rosé has been named in honour of the first of the next generation and our sparkling ‘Amelia’ Pinot Noir Chardonnay has been in honour of Sandy’s late Mother Amelia Thomas.

Bob Voumard

Many years ago living in Port Lincoln Bob decided he’d like to own a vineyard/winery in the Adelaide Hills. The start of this came to fruition in 1993 when Bob and Sandy bought the Verdun Park Wines property. In 1997 the first Shiraz vines were planted. Bob works full time in his two accounting practices along with being a director of Verdun Park Wines with Sandy. Bob’s focus is all things accounting and finance, (we’re all very happy to leave that side of the business to him) along with viticulture with Shaun, events, product development, winemaking involvement and general vineyard dogs body.

Sandy Voumard

Sandy is the other director of the business and has a long successful career as a teacher. In 2009, Sandy retired from full time teaching. Instead of her dream of long lunches, shopping, coffee and socialising, Sandy was thrown into the sales position for Verdun Park Wines. Along with this side of the business Sandy works closely with Danielle on the marketing, business development, events and wine deliveries. Sandy has successfully managed to schedule regular lunches, shopping trips, coffee catch ups with friends and socialising into her busy schedule, so it’s not all hard work in “retirement”. Often Ruby will be seen with Grandma (Sandy) on these coffee and lunch trips.

Danielle McBeath

Danielle has 18 years of wine industry experience having worked for some iconic wineries which include Shaw and Smith, Nepenthe, Petaluma, Tatachilla, Lion Nathan and Pernod Ricard. Danielle also spent some time working for the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation in label compliance but missed working in a winery environment, so moved back to the area she loves. Being just the four of us, we’re all involved in all aspects of Verdun Park Wines but marketing, events, product packaging, design, website, sales and business development are Danielle’s focus, along with all daily activities involved with having a pre-schooler and baby twins at home.

Shaun McBeath

Shaun, our Viticulturist has 16 years wine industry experience and attempts to be Bob’s boss. At the end of Shaun’s Viticulture studies, he won the Jacob’s Creek Viticulture Award and spent a number of years as a Viticulturist managing various vineyards in the Adelaide Hills and surrounding areas. He is now a Viticulturist at one of Australia’s largest wine producers. Shaun grew up on a large broad acre farm on Eyre Peninsula, loves football and cycling. Shaun’s focus for Verdun Park Wines is viticulture with Bob, winemaking involvement, product development and events.