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CT Scan Confirms Top Drop!

We’ve just released our new label design for “Lyla’ Sauvignon Blanc. It’s not just another label, this one has a pretty cool story to go with it.

Early one morning a number of Sauvignon Blanc vine shoots from Verdun Park Wines vineyard were selected and rushed to the radiology department to be soaked in x-ray dye for 24 hours. After the x-ray dye had absorbed into the vine shoots, the most appropriate vine was chosen to undergo the CT scanning process. This vine was scanned on an ultra high resolution Computerised Tomography (CT) machine. The x-ray dye absorbed amazingly well into the vine, which enabled the machine to pick up incredible detail. Images were then loaded into a 3D computer and various colour images created. The CT scan of their Sauvignon Blanc vine has highlighted the magnificent veins and cellular structure of the leaves, cane and inflorescences, which it uses to produce its premium Adelaide Hills fruit. This incredible image is showcased on the front of the new label design for ‘Lyla’ Sauvignon Blanc after being slightly manipulated to allow for the individual silk screen printing process to reproduce the detail onto each bottle. When the finished product is held up to light, the detail in the image is ethereal. The 2013 Verdun Park Wines ‘Lyla’ Sauvignon Blanc shows fragrant and herbaceous notes on the nose followed by fresh lemon acidity and tropical characters on the palate.

A series of stretched canvas artwork has been created by Danielle, based on the original CT Scan image.

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