Sustainable Practices at Verdun Park Wines

Our sustainable practices carry through every stage of the process from regenerative viticulture, boutique winemaking, labelling and using locally produced South Australian bottles, caps and packaging.

Spring in the vineyard in Adelaide hills Spring in the vineyard in Adelaide hills

Regenerative Viticulture

Environmental sustainability is extremely important with all our business decisions. Regenerative viticulture practices have been followed, looking at the vineyard with a holistic approach, aiming to keep everything from soil and vine to environmental health balanced. Minimal and careful use of chemicals, zero till practices and a permanent ground cover over the vineyard floor, consisting of a mixed species of grasses and broad leaf plants, are utilised to promote natural organisms within the vineyard to assist with control of pests in a natural way. 

Basket Press from Adelaide Hills Basket Press from Adelaide Hills

Winemaking Philosophy

We produce gorgeous examples of Adelaide Hills wines true to vineyard site, grape variety and vintage. Minimal additions are used where required, to achieve the above. Ethical and sustainable winemaking practices that preserve the character of grapes at harvest are followed. Our wine is made by contract winemaker Simon Greenleaf who has an extensive career in Australia and overseas, gaining experience at incredible wineries such as Petaluma. 

Screen printing ink for wine labelling Screen printing ink for wine labelling

Screen Printing

Our wine labels are designed and screen-printed individually by hand by Danielle. This removes the need to use paper for labels and by screen printing on site, we reduce the amount of truck transport required each vintage. Glass packaging with a printed label directly onto the bottle is an eco-friendly option reducing energy use, labour, transport, paper and glue, reducing its environmental impact. 

Wine cartons ready for despatch near plants Wine cartons ready for despatch near plants


When choosing all aspects of packaging for our wine, we always ensure they are recyclable and ideally locally produced. Since 2020, we’ve been able to package our wine completely in South Australian manufactured items from glass bottles, screw caps, to cartons and inserts. As explained above, our wine bottles have the labels individually screen printed by hand, removing the need for paper labels. We continue to always look for ways to reduce supply chain waste. 

Each finished bottle of wine is like a handmade piece of artwork from start to finish; including grape growing, wine making and packaging.